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The Bills

The bills page has all of the bills we are tracking, as well as a list of highlighted bills. We do not monitor every piece of legislation that is introduced each session, our goal is to highlight bills that we believe impact our community and require community engagement. 

The Calendar

Each week we monitor the bills we are following and update their status. You can visit the calendar page at any time to see the next scheduled hearing for the bills we are following. 

The Committees

In line with our goal of making engagement easy, we have developed quick links that will allow you to email members of each committee with a simple click. Make your voice your heard and contact the committee members on bills you are interested in. 

The Legislators

It is important to know who your legislator is and to contact them anytime you have questions or would like to share your thoughts on a bill. If there is a bill you are interested in, be sure to contact them before 2nd Reading in their chamber. 

About Us

Colorado Legislation Trackers is made up of a team of citizens that are interested in politics. Our goal is to make getting involved easy, from informing you about what our legislators are proposing, to sharing status updates and making it easy to contact the committee members. 

We value your input on how we can improve and make it even simpler to get informed, take action, and make a difference. 

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