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Finding and Contacting Your Legislator

Finding and contacting your legislators is easy with the state tools and our website! To find the information for your legislator, use the tool above. If you would like to contact members of a committee, navigate to The Committee Page on our website where you can easily view and contact all members of that committee. 

Sometimes it can be hard to know who to contact. We always recommend that you contact your legislators regarding legislation you feel is important or legislation you have concerns about. It is crucial that they know where their constituents stand on an issue! It is especially important to contact them if a bill is coming up for 2nd or 3rd reading, that is their opportunity to vote for or against that bill. 

If a bill is being heard in committee, it is appropriate to contact all members of the committee to share your thoughts. You can see where a bill is being heard by visiting The Bills page or checking out the Calendar. If you would like to share your thoughts with the committee and are unable to attend, visit The Committee's page for how to contact them. 

Remember, no one appreciates being verbally abused, called names, or mocked. Communications with legislators are best received if they are written in a respectful manner which contains your thoughts on why they should vote for or against in. Threats to legislators are forwarded to the State Police and no wants a visit from them. 

Be clear, be respectful, state your case, and make a difference!

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