Business, Labor, & Technology

The Senate Business, Labor, and Technology Committee considers matters concerning the regulation of professions and occupations, property and casualty insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance, workers' compensation insurance, economic development, banks and financial institutions, real estate, labor, and technology. In addition, the committee has legislative oversight responsibility for the Department of Labor, the Department of Personnel and Administration, the Department of Regulatory Agencies, and the Office of Information Technology.

Committee Meeting Times

Monday | 1:30 PM
SCR 352
Tuesday | Upon Adjournment
SCR 352
Wednesday | 1:30 PM
SCR 352

Committee Staff Information


Jeanette Chapman

Committee Members

Robert Rodriguez


(303) 866-4852

Larry Liston


(303) 866-2937

James Coleman

Vice Chair

(303) 866-2909

Rob Woodward


(303) 866-4853

Chris Kolker


(303) 866-4883